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Tutoring Upgrades

Your teen isn't stupid, but poor study skills might make them feel that way...

Would you like to help your child achieve their goals and build a strong foundation for a bright future?

Worried that your child will be living with you for the rest of your life because that low SAT/ACT score or bad GPA won't get them into college??

Have you been saying -

  • I hate seeing my teen really struggling with homework.
  • Her test scores are low and it's scary to hear her say she just blanks out on tests.
  • My daughter is an honors student - I don't understand why her SAT/ACT scores are just average.
  • It's frustrating to see my kids stressed out and thinking that they can't do something because they aren't doing as well as they would like to be doing.

Disappointing report cards? Low SAT/ACT scores?

If you are a parent whose daughter or son is struggling with math, science, other school subjects, or the SAT/ACT, you know how discouraging it is for your child and for you. Mastering subjects like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, biology, physics, and SAT/ACTs can be hard.

It doesn't have to be that way.

“I just wanted to Thank You for your tutoring of our daughter. She would never have attained those scores without your help. I'm very proud of her and now she has more college choices.”


~Bill, father of Tutoring Up-Grades student (Hyde Park)


With individual, personalized support through tutoring your teen can reach their goals.

Can you imagine what life would be like if:

  • Homework was painless
  • You and your teen were excited to get report cards
  • Test scores were a source of joy because concepts were understood
  • Your teen was bursting with confident for tests, big or small 
  • SAT/ACT scores were higher and scholarships more plentiful

“I'm so excited! I got a full ride!”

~Anna, Tutoring Up-Grades Student
    (Wappingers Falls) 

“I got into my top choice school! And they are giving me over $20,000 in merit money. It's the only way I could go there!”


~Christy, Tutoring Up-Grades Student

With so much of your child's future riding on how they do in school, it's essential to get help. At Tutoring Up-Grades we've helped hundreds of students avoid frustration and disappointment by getting the support they need to accomplish deep understanding, confidence, and above all – continued success.

What will you do to ensure your child's future?

Get started today by downloading our free gift – One Big SAT/ACT Mistake Moms Can Easily Help Their Teen Avoid

Smart, Successful Student

Struggling in school is
not a character flaw.

Don't let your teen get lost
in the failure mindset,
thinking she is the only one
that is confused. 

She wants to be happy
and successful. 

And with individual 
help, tailored to her...
she can.


It's hard not to get anxious
on a test that is so important.

Our program is designed to
address that stress, lower the
anxiety, and build confidence
and skills, so when your
daughter or son sits down
to test on a Saturday
morning, they get the
scores they need to get
college acceptance letters
and scholarships.

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