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Date: 2/27/2014 11:04 AM PST

" So please, oh Please, we beg and pray,
   Go throw your tv set away,
   And in its place you can install,
   A lovely bookshelf on the wall"

Roald Dahl  

So with the cold weather here to stay indoor activities fill relaxation time. So instead of watching endless tv  or having the kids play extended time playing video games, let's try something different!  Let's read!  Make some hot chocolate and find a cozy spot and make reading a fun time!  Children model after their parents, if they see you enjoying a good book they will want to join the fun!  Start a dialogue!  Ask them to tell you about what they are reading, with older kids find a book you both can read and discuss it.  Start a friends and family mini book club!  So what are some great reads you can suggest?

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