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Date: 7/17/2014 1:11 PM PDT

"The more you read,
The more things you will know.
The more that you learn, 
The more places you'll go."

Dr. Seuss

With summer vacation underway, encourage your child to take a vacation through reading.  Visit unknown places, take an adventure through time, meet some interesting characters or simply just find a way to laugh!  You can do all these things in your backyard, on the beach, or at the pool.  Take a break and let your imagination lead the way! Think of visiting the bookstore or library like a visit to a candy store.  It is filled with a brightly colored assortment of different flavored candy just waiting to be unwrapped.  There is always something for everyone.  Enjoy your adventure!

Not sure where to get started?  Here are some resources to help you and your child pick out the perfect book:

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