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Date: 5/9/2013 12:20 AM UTC

The Regents Are Coming!

The Regents are coming! The Regents are coming!

So, there's probably no one running through the streets shouting about New York State Regents exams, but for high school students across the state the Regents are indeed coming. June is just around the corner. It's a great idea to start preparing for this inevitability now. Here are some ways to ease the burden and prevent unsuccessful, end-of-year cramming:
  1. Start early: Planning for finals and Regents should actually be happening all year long. Continuous review of concepts is a great way to make the end of the year easier.
  2. Start now: Okay, so maybe you haven't been planning for Regents all year. The past is over; now is all we have. So get started now.
  3. Make a plan: Whether you've been reviewing all year or you are just getting started, the question is: Now what? Get your calendar out and write down the dates of your finals and Regents. If you are planning to take SATs, SAT Subject Tests, ACTs, or APs, write those down too. Include any other important dates that might make a difference in your studies such as sporting events, holidays, proms, concerts, and any other event that is important to you. Count the number of weeks before each exam. Use the number of weeks to divide up what you review each week, making sure to cover each test you are preparing for.
  4. What to cover: Hopefully you've kept your notebook current and made sure to keep your notes from the year. If you do have notes, begin by reviewing the topics you were not sure of the first time. These will need a little more attention. Now is the time to get clear on what you weren't sure of in the first place. If you don't have your notes or if your notes were lacking to begin with, you still have other resources.
  5. Other resources: To get some extra practice answering Regents questions, go to jmap.com and regentsprep.org. Both are great sites for Regents exam preparation. Regentsprep has more explanations than jmap, however, jmap has more practice problems. Keep in mind, the closer we get to exam day, the more likely it will be that these sites are overwhelmed and slow. For books, the Barron's “Let's Review” series also provides explanations and practice problems. The blue books are explanatory, while the red books have past exams. The past exams are available free of charge from nysedregents.org, so get the blue book. If video review is more your speed, check out regentsreviewlive.net where you'll find videos to help prepare for Regents.
Remember to choose a plan that works for you. Whatever you choose for your preparations, we wish you the best!

Posted by Tess Fisher

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