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Tutoring Up-Grades

Find out what your teen's guidance counselor isn't telling you about the SAT.

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Tutoring Upgrades

Your teen isn't stupid, but poor study skills might make them feel that way...

Would you like to help your child achieve their goals and build a strong foundation for a bright future?

SAT / ACT Up-Grade

As a parent, are you worried that...

  • poor standardized test scores will keep your child from getting into a good college?

  • your child won't know how to properly prepare for the SAT on her own?

  • large review classes won't address the specific needs of your child?

  • your child's test anxiety will keep her from doing well on the SAT?

"Now the scores are in, Hilary is totally rejuvenated towards the college application process. She's gained the freedom she didn't think she had before, to choose among prospective schools and majors. Thank you for assisting us in achieving her goal. We are so happy for her!"


~Shirley, Parent of Tutoring Up-Grades Student (Fishkill)

When it comes to test prep, you have a lot of options.

  • You could sign your child up for a large, one-size-fits-all review class. 
  • You could visit your local bookstore and pick out one of the many review books that claim to have found the perfect formula for success (and hope it does more than collect dust on the shelf). 
  • You could step outside and shout, "I'm looking for an SAT tutor!" and you would probably have someone at your door claiming they could help you within minutes. 

For each of these options, you could find hundreds of success stories (and hundreds more less-than-success stories). What's the right solution for YOUR child?


At Tutoring Up-Grades, we believe that the best test prep program for your child is the one that's custom-built specifically for her. That's why we take the time to ask questions, listen to the answers, and learn about who our students are before we even begin to work with them. After we cover the basics, everything we do is completely tailored to your child's unique set of strengths and needs, so that every moment they spend working with us contributes toward a higher score.

“Thank you for your help! Our daughter was able to make her goal on the SAT after one time taking the test.”


~KT, Parent of Tutoring Up-Grades Student

4 Reasons to Up-Grade your test prep:

1. Our tutors know the tests inside and out.

We actually take the exams regularly (yes, at a high school with a proctor at the same time as everyone else!) so we know what works on test day and what doesn't. Tutoring Up-Grades tutors consistently score in the 95th percentile or better, and our materials are regularly updated by people who have achieved perfect scores on both exams.


2. We focus on strategy.

It's not enough for your child to read well, know lots of vocabulary words, and do well on math tests in school. The SAT and ACT are different than typical school tests, so they require a different approach. We take the time to determine the best approach for YOUR child, then help them apply the techniques they've learned to hundreds of practice questions until those techniques become habits. By the time your child takes the test, she'll have enough experience that she'll do the right things automatically.


3. Our students stay motivated.

As a Tutoring Up-Grades student, your child will be assigned practice (we like this word better than 'homework') to be completed throughout the week, chosen specially to strengthen the skills they need to work on. We'll provide your child with the guidance they need to get the most out of their practice, so no time is wasted. Every assignment is intended to strengthen an important test-taking skill with the end goal of higher scores in mind. Many of our students even voluntarily come in for extra help available throughout the week so they can ask questions and do extra practice!


4. We'll help your child develop the right mindset for success.

Months of even the best preparation won't get your child higher scores if she panics and forgets everything on test day. At Tutoring Up-Grades, we've helped lots of students with test anxiety, and many more self-labeled 'poor test takers,' build confidence and achieve score increases they never thought possible. We'll teach your child quick, easy, cutting-edge techniques for overcoming anxiety so they're set up to do their best on the test that counts.


With your SAT or ACT Up-Grade, you'll get:


 Confidence Builder 


 Ultimate Achievement 

 Weekly 1-hour
 tutoring for: 
10 Weeks
15 Weeks
20 Weeks
 Unlimited Learning Lab
 access for: 
 10 Weeks
15 Weeks 
20 Weeks 
 Tutoring Up-Grades
 Success Strategies 
 Official Guide book
 Proctored Diagnostic
 Exam ($150 Value) 
 Diagnostic Follow-up
 Two 45-minute 
 College Essay



Ready to take the next step toward success on the SAT or ACT? Call 845-462-8886 today to schedule a free consultation with our Head Tutor and find out how to best help your child.

Or schedule your call here.   

"Tutoring Up-Grades kept Josh very focused during a very busy school year. He was able to maintain his SAT and ACT studying along with his school studies. He was able to achieve his goals with his scores. He also went up over 300 points from the first time he took his SAT to the second time. Thank you very much!"

 ~Michelle and Jim, Parents of Tutoring Up-Grades Student 


Still not convinced? Here are some recent success stories:

Before: Reading: 610, Math: 580, Writing: 620, Total: 1810
After: Reading 750, Math: 670, Writing: 730, Total: 2150 >> 340 point increase!

More students:
1340 to 1600!

1830 to 2170!

1310 to 1710!

Before: English: 15, Math: 20, Reading: 20, Science: 19, Composite: 19
After:  English: 27, Math: 23, Reading: 26, Science: 26, Composite: 26 >> 7 point increase!

More students:
22 to 28!

25 to 29!

17 to 21!

Ready to put your child on the path toward a great score on the SAT or ACT?

Call 845-462-8886 or click here to schedule your call today. If the schedule is full, which does happen, please call and we will make time for you!

Lab-only packages start at $108.  Private SAT/ACT tutoring packages start at $1295.



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