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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer in person sessions again, in addition to our online sessions! We would be happy to assist you in meeting your educational goals. You can schedule a free consultation to evaluate your needs and come up with a custom plan. We’re looking forward to your success!

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Tutoring Upgrades

Your teen isn't stupid, but poor study skills might make them feel that way...

Would you like to help your child achieve their goals and build a strong foundation for a bright future?

Smart, Successful Student Program

"Thank you so much for all your help.  I truly couldn't have done it without you.  You kept working with me when I felt like giving up and I appreciate that so much.  I have been accepted into the nursing program at the University of Scranton with a scholarship.  Thank you so much once again, because you helped me through it all."

~Tori, Tutoring Up-Grades Student (Stormville)


When your daughter or son is struggling to prepare for success in college and beyond, it can be a real challenge.  Our program addresses the complex needs of students.

Build the confidence and skills students need

Thoroughly comprehend the material

Improve scores - in many cases dramatically

The Smart, Successful Student Program:

Comprehensive 8-Part Approach (Our Covert Mission): Part of every session is devoted to guiding students to better habits of learning.  The following skill sets are woven into everything we do.

Effective studying


Information retention

Paying attention in class


How to interact with teachers



While your daughter or son is enjoying the learning process with us, she or he is picking up vital academic success skills.  We think of it as our "covert mission" - it's like getting your kids to eat vegetables by blending shredded carrots into hamburgers.

ANCHORING IN: It's one thing to study - it's completely another to remember information in a usable way for tests and for life.  Tutoring Up-Grades focuses on anchoring both information and skills so when it comes time to use it, the knowledge is available and usable.

SKILL DRILL: Using the homework provided by your teen's teacher, we help your daughter or son identify key concepts needed for exams.  We practice concepts and testing skills while encouraging questions so we can provide alternate explanations to help build understanding and confidence that lasts long after the tutoring session has ended.

CONCEPT CATCH-UP: Regular sessions allow our tutors to help your daughter or son catch up on missed or misunderstood concepts, building deeper understanding of the material so that current topics are grasped and test scores go up.

PRIVATE TUTORING: Expert tutors work individually (one tutor with ONE student) with your teen to identify exactly where she or he struggles and provide customized strategies to guide your daughter or son to their best outcome. Students get to have all their questions answered and all answers are tailored to them, so they don't get left behind like in a classroom. And if they don't understand, the tutor will immediately re-explain or give alternate explanation.  Your tutor will assess your child's strengths and weaknesses, then build strengths and address weaknesses.  (Looking for a group setting instead of private tutoring?  Check out our Regents Review classes!)

“You really made Andrea feel confident about herself, and that has never happened with any other tutor before.”

~Joy, Parent of Tutoring Up-Grades Student
(Wappingers Falls) 


EMAIL AND TEXT SUPPORT: For you and your daughter or son - ask pressing questions in between sessions; NO excuses for forgetting assignments; extra accountability

LEARNING LAB: Weekly open lab for your teen to come in to get additional help

TEST CORRECTIONS: Reviewing missed questions on tests gives your teen the chance to learn from mistakes (which should be the whole point of a test).  It allows your teen to grow and teaches them to review tests themselves so missed concepts are learned for final exams.

STRESS BUSTERS & MINDSET: Cutting edge, easy, and quick techniques to overcome nervousness and improve brain function

Lab-only packages start at $108.  Private tutoring packages start at $355.


All this comes together to help increase confidence, skills, and most importantly – grades.


"Abbey worked well with Geoff and we were very pleased with her Regents results!"

~Laura, Mother of Tutoring Up-Grades Student (Hyde Park)

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