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COVID-19 UPDATE: We have temporarily switched to a distance learning format. In other words, our office may be closed, but we are still open! We would be happy to assist you in meeting your educational goals. You can schedule a free consultation to evaluate your needs and come up with a custom plan. We’re looking forward to your success!

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Your teen isn't stupid, but poor study skills might make them feel that way...

Would you like to help your child achieve their goals and build a strong foundation for a bright future?


You don’t have to love math to get a great score.

       Elementary Math           Algebra | Geometry    Trigonometry  | Statistics   Pre-Calculus | Calculus


Regents and AP

Reading Comprehension
Writing | College Essays
Critical Thinking 


Middle School, High School and College level

Regents and AP

Earth Science
Biology | Physics


Study Environment
Ways to Remember
Overcoming Procrastination
Learning Styles
Note Taking 

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U.S. History
Global Studies
Participation in Gov't 

Don't let history repeat itself.  Get help!


SAT Subject Tests
AP Exams

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"My husband and I thank you for being there to help at a time of need. You are exactly what we wanted and we couldn't have asked for a better tutor! A job well done!"

~Shirley, Parent of Tutoring Up-Grades Student (Fishkill)


Other subjects are available by request. If you don't see your subject listed, please ask!

Lab-only packages start at $108.  Private tutoring packages start at $355.

College Entrance: For complete help with selecting a college, preparing for an interview, and completing the application(s) contact Sue Lesser at (845) 473-4146.

Special thanks goes to Judy McElroy. A retired teacher, Judy has helped 100's of students prepare for the SAT exam. Her help and guidance have been extremely helpful to us. Her office is in Wappingers. To reach Judy, call (845) 298-2051.

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"I just want to thank you so much for helping Vanessa this school year. Not only did she get a 98 in her math class (now her top class!!) but her confidence soared. It was in part due to her willingness to work and her desire, but the real difference was you. You truly believe in your students and help them to believe in themselves."

~Tammy, Parent of Tutoring Up-Grades Student (Newburgh)


"I did that tapping thing and I could actually breathe during my test! That's the first time I've gotten 100% on any test!"
      ~Marlene, Tutoring Up-Grades Student (Poughkeepsie)

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we help with:

  • Sat/ACT prep and College essays
  • algebra, geometry, trigonometry
  • statistics
  • pre calculus and calculus
  • biology and chemistry
  • physics and earth science
  • language arts, english, reading
  • history and social studies
  • Regents and ap

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